Giving Tuesday 2023

Wyck’s 2023 Giving Tuesday campaign focuses on the conservation of two objects that are prominently displayed on house tours and when repaired, will be able to announce each hour again, filling the house with their chimes for visitors to enjoy. The estimate for a general conservation with cleaning, polishing, and certain repairs on both clocks is $3,150.

This Giving Tuesday, we are seeking your generous support to raise $3,150 to preserve both clocks and share them with future generations of visitors and researchers. 

Wyck is home to over 10,000 artifacts that the Wistar-Haines family collected throughout the 9 generations and nearly 200 years of stewarding Wyck as a family house, garden, and farm. The collection represents nearly every era of American history and is an impressive repository of material culture with portraits, textiles, ceramics, children’s toys that all have family provenance – and a majority have a record of when or by whom they were bought, used, repaired.

The two tall case clocks that are in need of conservation are no exception. Learn about the two clocks and their history below:

The Duffield clock and its fascinating history are a popular aspect of house tours and it brings the site’s history alive in a tangible way. Your support during this Giving Tuesday will elevate this experience as the conservation of the Duffield clock will allow the clock to regain its chime!

Click on the video below to hear the chime and learn more!

The chime of the Duffield clock filled Wyck every hour for over 200 years and we hope for future visitors to experience this as well – elevating their interaction with the site’s history through this sensory experience! 

Thank you for your support!