Home Farm


The Wyck Home Farm was restored in 2018 on a portion of the same land that was cultivated for over 250 years by several generations of the Wistar and Haines families and a number of their tenants. In its current form, covering ¼ acre of Wyck’s 2.5 acre historic site in Germantown, the Home Farm interprets Wyck’s agricultural traditions and enhances the pastoral landscape that visitors to Wyck have long enjoyed. The Home Farm includes:
  • Beds of diversified annual vegetable and flower production
  • A wide variety of perennial herb & fruit crops
  • A 1914 Lord & Burnham glass greenhouse
  • Several beehives
True to Wyck’s history and emphasis on environmental sustainability, the Home Farm is managed entirely with chemical-free methods. We combine the use of hand-powered tools and techniques (similar to those that would have been used in a traditional kitchen garden) with more contemporary production methods to demonstrate how food can be grown in a small, urban space.
The Home Farm plays a key role in educating both children and adults in our local, urban community. Although we no longer host a weekly farmers market, the farm offers an experiential, outdoor classroom and safe green-space for local children and adults to learn about history, farming, and environmental science throughout all four seasons. 
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