About the Award

About the Award

The Wyck-Strickland Award Dinner has been Wyck’s annual benefit for over 30 years.  The Wyck-Strickland Award is inspired by the balance of tradition and innovation created at Wyck when architect William Strickland remodeled the house in 1824 for his friends, then residents Jane and Reuben Haines.  The award honors individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the cultural life of Philadelphia through work that reflects a drive for progress and modernity and a sensitivity to the past. This honor has evolved over the years to include architects, landscape architects, engineers, urban planners, historians, museum curators, and librarians.  All share a love of Philadelphia and its rich history and cultural life.

Who is receiving this year’s award?

Previous Recipients

1988  Ehrman B. Mitchell, Jr.

1989  Robert Venturi

1990  G. Stockton Strawbridge

1991  Edmund N. Bacon

1992  Denise Scott Brown

1993  Romaldo Giurgola

1994  Sir Peter Shepheard

1995  Nicholas Gianopulos

1996  Beatrice W. B. Garvan

1997  Vincent Scully

1998  David G. DeLong

1999  Laurie D. Olin

2000  Joseph J. Rishel

2001  Elliot L. Shelkrot

2002  Paul R. Levy

2003  Robert McCracken Peck

2004  Judith Rodin

2005  Ted and Stevie Wolf

2006  David Brownlee

2007  Jane Pepper

2008  Signe Wilkinson

2009  Stephen Kieran and James Timberlake

2010  Paul W. Meyer

2011  John Milner

2012  Alan Greenberger

2013  Meryl Levitz

2014  Paul B. Redman

2015       David Hollenberg

2016        Sam Katz

2017        John M. (Jeff) Groff

2018       Harris M. Steinberg, FAIA