Secret Lives of Caretakers in Philly’s Historic Houses

June 6, 2017 –

“In Philly, the opportunity to live rent-free in a 300-year-old house doesn’t come around very often. When it does, it gets snatched up fast. Last month, a resident caretaker position became available at Germantown’s Wyck Historic House, Garden and Farm, one of the oldest houses in the city. For this live-work position, abatement of rent was offered for performing a four-page list of duties, including: changing light bulbs, serving as a back-up tour guide, and feeding the chickens daily. Oh, and collecting their eggs.

Sound like an unreasonable exchange? The position was filled within five days.”

Read Karen Chernick’s entire article here:

cottage at Woodford Mansion
Caretaker positions at historic houses in Philly are few and far between, but it’s not all glamorous living. Photo of cottage at Woodford Mansion, Courtesy of Martha Moffat