Rose Garden Update

So the garden is really coming along beautifully after long and arduous preparations leading up to the Rose and Garden Festival. Though the flush of the peak bloom is about two weeks behind due to the late frosts, we are beginning to see hints of color popping up here and there in the beds as the roses begin to emerge.  I am also beginning the process of propagating our historic roses, and just today, made a new nursery for them as a holding place once the cuttings take root and are ready for sale.

A new home for our propagated roses!
A new home for our propagated roses!

Before we get to the pictures of some of the gorgeous roses in bloom, it is certainly worthwhile to mention a few other beauties that are blooming in both the formal gardens and in the wood lot. Both the Chionanthus, or fringe tree, and irises are in bloom. I have included pictures of irises in previous posts, but I wanted to include photos of a few of the most spectacular irises I have seen. In the perimeter beds surrounding the rose garden, there are fantastic deep royal purple irises, the likes of which pictures can hardly do justice. With that said, I included them below to entice you to see them for yourself!

Fringed blooms of the Chionanthus.
Fringed blooms of the Chionanthus.
The most lovely royal purple irises.
The most lovely royal purple irises.

And now for the main event… some of the roses! Follow @wyckhouse on Instagram and like our Facebook page to keep up with #WyckRoseWatch to see the new blooms as they spring up and to watch the progression of the garden!

'Leonie Lamesch'
‘Leonie Lamesch’
"Mademoiselle Cecile Brunner'
“Mademoiselle Cecile Brunner’
'Red Smith's Parrish'
‘Red Smith’s Parrish’
‘Baronne Prevost’



'Rose de Rescht'
‘Rose de Rescht’
'Pompon de Bourgogne'
‘Pompon de Bourgogne’
'Rita Sammons'
‘Rita Sammons’

Stay tuned for more rose updates as they come! In the meantime, contact me on here on my “Contact” page if you are interested in a tour of the rose garden or want to purchase any of our historic roses!



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