Plan the Perfect Floral Photo Op in Philly

May 7, 2017 –

Photo courtesy Garden Collage Magazine
Photo courtesy Garden Collage Magazine

“If you’re looking for a spot to shoot your own engagement photos, graduation portraits, or just want to ramp up the florals in your Instagram/Snapchat, check out Wyck House in Philadelphia, PA.”

“Located in the Northern area of the city, Wyck House boasts the oldest rose garden in original plan America, and in the Spring the space is overrun with roses, which makes for a delightfully-fragrant and visually-dazzling experience. (Peak times of year are May and June.) Unlike a traditional rose garden– where roses tend to be confined to their quadrants– the roses of Wyck House grow in great masses, trailing up terraces and winding across walls, for a petaled spectacle that looks as though it was transported out of an idyllic corner of the English countryside. With benches tucked in between trailing branches, the gardens have a pervasive sense of backyard discovery, a quiet sanctuary on a busy street.”

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