Goings-on On the Farm

Things continue to grow on the farm as we approach our first market on Friday, May 30th! The difficult weather this spring has definitely put things behind where they were at this time last year, with crops slowed down by cold temperatures and seed lost during heavy rains. However, most things seem to be recovering and some seem to double in size every day! The peas are climbing up their trellises and the first round of beans, planted May 1st, have germinated and are starting to reach towards their own trellis. Most excitingly, the strawberries continue to mature, with green fruit now visible on every plant!

Strawberries growing
Strawberries growing

If you live in the Philadelphia area, make sure to stop by this weekend for our Rose Festival. Take tours of the historic rose garden, see a variety of gardening demos (including a chance to use some of the Home Farm’s unique tools), and relax on Wyck’s beautiful property!

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