Goings-on On the Farm

The week after Memorial Day is always exciting on the Home Farm because it marks the start of our market season. This Friday (May 30), we’ll be setting up our stand on Germantown Ave in front of the Wyck House property from 2-6pm. Stop by every Friday from now on for fresh produce, eggs, and vegetable transplants!

After a cold spring, things are slowly catching up on the farm. I noticed the first flowers on the snap pea plants today, the radishes are just beginning to form their tasty roots, and the strawberries are ripe at last!

Flowering Pea Plants
Flowering Pea Plants

In other news, we got our first load of screened compost from the Henry Got Crops Farm at Saul High School last week! We’ve been getting compost from there for the last two seasons, but now that they have a screener to shift out rocks and other debris, the finished product is more beautiful than ever! And if you’re a gardener in Philadelphia, they’ll deliver to home gardens, too!

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