Giving Tuesday 2022

Wyck’s Home Farm Foodways Workshop Series provides community members with monthly skill-building workshops that connect culinary and horticultural topics with Wyck’s history and resources at no charge to participants. These workshops are led by local craftspeople and utilize the site’s historic rose garden, thriving home farm, and collection of artifacts to widen our community’s understanding of agriculture, food production, and sustainability.

Throughout the 2021 and 2022 seasons, Wyck offered 14 workshops, with topics ranging from fermentation to flower arranging to the production of flax. We hope to continuing offering these workshops for free and this Giving Tuesday, we’re asking for your support to make it possible!

We hope to raise a total of $2,800 in order to keep our 8 workshops for the 2023 season free to participants and community members. Interested to know what your contribution goes towards? $50 allows us to purchase supplies necessary for participants for each workshop, while $300 secures a local craftsperson to share their knowledge with our community and lead a 35-person workshop.
Each workshop costs $350 to fund completely for 35 participants.

Interested in learning more about the series? View the schedule of workshops from the previous 2 years to see the range of topics as well as a video that highlights the Home Farm Foodways Project.

Thank you for your support!