Honey & Honey Bees: Science, Sugar, Craft & Crisis | CLASS FULL!


Honey & Honey Bees: Science, Sugar, Craft & Crisis | Recommended Ages: 5 & up

10 Spaces Available

Wyck is home to many colonies of honey bees that pollinate our farm and provide honey. Students will explore the life and science of honey and the honey bee through games, art, observation and simple cooking. Join us on September 4th from 1-3pm as we kick-off our 2014-2015 Homeschool Program. Classes will be filled on a first come, first serve basis. Additional classes will be added throughout the month to meet demand.

$10/student, $8/members
Payment due August 28

To register, email Christina the following information at cmoresi@wyck.org. Payment completes registration and is due one week before the scheduled class.
Child(ren)’s name:


A non-refundable payment can be made by credit card over the phone or a check made payable to “Wyck Association” mailed to Wyck at 6026 Germantown Ave. Philadelphia PA 19144. For information and/or registration and payment, please contact Christina Moresi, M.Ed. at cmoresi@wyck.org or 215-848-1690.


The Basics
Classes accommodate up to 10 children
Registration with payment required
Students with special needs welcome
Wyck’s Home School Series provide students with inclusive, hands-on lessons in a unique outdoor setting. If you are unsure if a class is right for your child, please contact Christina Moresi, M.Ed., Youth Education Program Manager, at 215.848.1690 or cmoresi@wyck.org for additional details.

Customized group lessons available (outside of Fall, Winter, and Spring series classes) for families who wish to choose their own topic and age group for a group of 10 children gathered by scheduling family.

We look forward to meeting you!

The 5th Annual Philadelphia Honey Festival at Wyck!

The Philadelphia Honey Festival – View Full 3-day Honey Festival Schedule Here!
Saturday, September 6, 2014 at WYCK

The Philadelphia Honey Festival is a 3-day event that takes place at three National Historic Landmarks throughout Philadelphia. Join us for three days of fun!

Friday, September 5, 2014: The Wagner Free Institute of Science, Honey Happy Hour, 5-7PM
Saturday, September 6, 2014: Wyck Historic House, Garden, and Farm, 10am-4pm
Sunday, September 7, 2014: Bartram’s Gardens, 10am-4pm

Wyck Festival Sponsors:
Weaver’s Way Coop, Primex Gardens, Door-to-Door Organics, Temple University School of Environmental Design, Philadelphia Beekeepers Guild

Food: FarmTruck, Just Jackie’s FoodTruck, Down Dog Healing Cafe, and Little Jimmie’s Coffee Roasters and Bake Shop

1. Historic Germantown
2. Wyck
3. Philadelphia Beekeepers Guild
4. The Colony Meadery
5. Whole Foods
6. Longwood Gardens

Music: G-Town Radio broadcasting LIVE

10:00 am – 4:00 pm House Museum Open

10:00 am – 4:00 pm Children’s Activties! Waggle Dance, Beeswax Candles, Build your Bee Antenna, Visit the Wyck Chicks, and Pickles the Rooster, Wander the Farm, Enjoy a Story, Take your picture as the Queen Bee!

10:30am- Open Hive Demonstration- What’s Going on in there!? (take a peek!)

11:30am– Honey Extraction- How Do You Get the Honey Away From the Bees?

12:00pm-4:00pm Mead-Making Intro, Tasting, and Sharing in the Rose garden

The Colony Meadery

Hosted by The Colony Meadery
View Mead Event Details Here

Register your home brews at Wyck before 11am on 9/6 or Drop Off ahead of the festival at:
Wyck: Friday 9/5 10am-4pm, Saturday 9/6 by 11am
The Colony Meadery or Malt House LTD. during regular business hours.

In the Garden: Ages 21+
Philly Homebrew Outlet
The Colony Meadery: Commercial Mead Sales
Malt House LTD.: LIVE brewing Honey Beer and Sampling
Tired Hands Brewing

 12:00pm- Jon McGoran, Jon McGoran is the author of the ecological thrillers Drift, and its newly released sequel, Deadout, which takes a chilling look at the world of GMOs, biotechnology and the disappearance of the bees. McGoran has been writing about food and sustainability for twenty years, as communication director at Weavers Way Co-op and editor of The Shuttle newspaper, and later as editor at Grid magazine. He is also an advocate for urban agriculture, cooperative development and labeling of genetically engineered foods. His short fiction, nonfiction and satire have appeared in numerous publications. Writing as D. H. Dublin, he is also author of the forensic thrillers Body Trace, Blood Poison and Freezer Burn. Visit him at www.jonmcgoran.com.

12:30pm– Open Hive Demonstration- What’s Going on in there!? (take a peek!)

1:00pm-1:30pm The Sweet Honey Bee n’ Da Dirt Dabba Wasp with Nana Feather and Brother Fitz

1:00pm- Junior Beekeepers Panel: Junior Beekeepers: Listen to these young beekeepers share why they became interested in keeping bees and what is their favorite and least favorite part!

 2:00pm- Alison Gillespie, “Hives in the City: Keeping Honey Bees Alive in an Urban World”
HIVES IN THE CITY (Talk overview) All over North America, honey bees are faltering from myriad problems. Interestingly, news about their struggles has caused the emergence of a new kind of beekeeper, one who is often young, female, and seeking to provide honey bees a safe home in the city.  Author Alison Gillespie spent a year following urban beekeepers in the urban core of the Mid-Atlantic, and then wrote about the experience in her book Hives in the City: Keeping Honey Bees Alive in an Urban World.  In many surprising “unnatural” locations, the bees form an important link for people to the natural world, and the people who tend to city hives are often as interesting as the bees themselves. This talk will include an overview of the current research on Colony Collapse Disorder and ways that all of us – even those who don’t keep bees – can help these important creatures thrive in any location.

 2:30pm– Honey Extraction: How Do You Get the Honey Away From the Bees?

3:00pm– Bee Bearding with Don Shump, Proprietor of the Philadelphia Bee Co. You have to see it to believe it!

3:30pm– Open Hive Demonstration- What’s Going on in there!? (take a peek!)

Marketplace: Southlawn

Wyck Home Farm: Katie: Produce, Flowers and Roses
Philadelphia Beekeepers Guild:
Honey Sales, T-shirts, and Education, Honey Tastings

LSDREW Graphics: Bee shirts
Instar Apiaries & Dawn Reid: variety of natural products, Local Honey
Shady Apple Goats
Philadelphia Orchard Project
Door to Door Organics
Weavers Way Coop
Primex Gardens
Temple University School of Environmental Design
Whole Foods
Gina Greunberg: Henna Tattoo Artist
Flowerdelphia: Sarah Plonski
Jon McGoran: Deadout, author
Alison Gillsepie: Hives in the City, author
The Waldorf School of Philadelphia
The Longwood Garden Fellows Graduate Program
Settlement Music School
Truly Pure and Natural

 Thank you to our Wyck Behind the Fence Festival Sponsors!

Special Thanks to Whole Foods, GRID Magazine, and the Colony Meadery for their sponsorship of the 5th Annual Honey Festival!

HF sponsor JPG


Philly Food Swap at Wyck!

Wyck Farm

Join us for an edible evening of swapping homemade treats at Wyck Historic House, Garden and Farm.

A Food Swap is part silent auction/part village marketplace/part fun-loving open house where your homemade creations (breads, preserves, special concoctions, canned goods, etc.) become your own personal currency for use in swapping with other participants. What better way to diversify your pantry and rub shoulders with friends and neighbors?

Who: We welcome everyone, as long as you bring something you made, grew, or foraged yourself. You must pre-register to attend. Also, remember that there is a limited number of tickets, so if for some reason you cannot make it, let us know and we can adjust the guest list accordingly. If you plan to bring a family member or friend who will be participating, we ask that they register separately. Non-swapping guests are welcome to come and observe, but please be considerate of our space limitations.

What: Bring an assortment of your homemade edible specialties (think pickles, preserves, eggs, baked goods, honey, granola, pasta, fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices, yogurt… you name it!) to exchange for other handcrafted delights. Philly Swappers will provide name tags, tables, and organization for the event.
If possible, please bring samples for others to try!

NEW(ish): We will NOT be providing paper swap cards at the swap, so please print and fill out your own ahead of time to bring with you. Also, if you have an extra folding table and can bring it with you, please do!!

Potluck: If you would like, please bring a savory finger food for our potluck table. To keep this event as waste free as possible, we encourage swappers to bring their own plates, cups, and utensils.
Cost: Swap participants will be given free entry; a donation jar will be available to help cover the cost of supplies. (Or, better yet, donate one of your hand crafted goods!)

Where: The beautiful Wyck Historic House, Garden and Farm – 6026 Germantown Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19144. Also – as many of us come from the same areas please go to our Facebook page for carpool opportunities!

The Honor Code
This is a community event; however, participants must pre-register. It goes without saying that participants are using the highest cleanliness standards in their own kitchens and gardens to prepare their submissions. Nevertheless…
• By participating in this event, you are acknowledging that the food items being traded are not necessarily prepared in any “approved” kitchen or space inspected by any government agency.
• By participating in this event, you are also acknowledging that you will use the highest standards of cleanliness in food preparation.
Questions can be emailed to PhillySwappers@gmail.com.
We’re so excited to meet one another and celebrate the bounty of the seasons and the fruits of our labor!

See you there!
The Philly Swappers Team
Georgia, Marisa (Food in Jars), Alexis (Teaspoons & Petals) and Amanda (Phickle)

Carillon Concerts: rain or shine

The First United Methodist Church of Germantown will hold its annual Carillon concerts on the following dates! The Wyck landscape will be open to bring a blanket or chairs and enjoy the beautiful bells of Germantown.

June 2: Steven Ball. Atlantic City, NJ (Be sure to visit the Wyck Rose Garden to see and smell the roses!)
June 9: Janet Tebbel, Fumcog. Open tower and tour afterwards
June 16: Margaret Pan, Washington DC
June 23: Lisa Lonie and Janet Tebbel, carillon duo. A new program in preparation for our European tour!

Monday evenings, 7:30 pm. Rain or shine.

Behind the Fence: Homegrown Food Festival

Wyck Farm

Behind the Fence festivals: Homegrown Food | Saturday, August 9, 2014 | 12-4pm

The Behind the Fence festivals invite the community to experience the best of Wyck’s programming in History, Gardening, and Farming. Join us to explore our 300+ Farm1year old house and landscape and learn how history intersects everyday life in our 21st century community. Energize your senses and feed your soul with music, demos, food, local vendors, tours, and children’s activities. Gather with us behind the fence to learn and do something new.

August 9 | Homegrown Food
Wyck’s home farm provides a weekly farmers market and an outdoor classroom for our community. Experience life on the farm and learn how history has influenced trends towards local eating and homesteading. Celebrate food and the impact it has on our diverse, urban communities.

Weavers Way Coop, Primex Garden Center, Door-to-Door Organics, Temple University School of Environmental Design, Philadelphia Beekeepers Guild

Festival Line-up

Miss Rachel’s Pantry
Zea May’s Native American inspired foods
Little Jimmie’s Coffee Roasters and Bakery

Fulljoy Band: Local Philadelphia-based Reggae Band
At 1pm Enjoy HOOPING with Leah Troiano. She will be set-up near the music with plenty of hoops for adults and kids to join in on the fun!

Explore the house, garden, and farm throughout the festival. The house will have special items from the Wyck collection on display, such as the fly fishing gear of Caspar Wistar Haines

Talks: Under the tent in the garden
12:30pm “From Cheese to Pickles: Preserving the Home Grown” Susan Plaisted, the Proprietress of Heart to Hearth Cookery, a food history business, presents on the late 18th and early 19th century preservation techniques for the seasonal foods produced at home that were needed throughout the year for variety on the table.

1:30pm Marisa McClellan is a full-time writer, teacher, and blogger at Food in Jars (three times nominated by Saveur magazine for a Best Food Blog award, and winner of Best of Philly from Philadelphia Magazine). Her second cookbook, Preserving by the Pint: Quick Seasonal Canning for Small Spaces is now Available. Her writing appears on The Food Network, Saveur, and Food 52. She lives in Philadelphia with her husband. Visit her at foodinjars.com.

2:30pm “Cooking with Honey” presented by Suzanne Matlock, President of the Philadelphia Beekeepers Guild.

Marketplace: Southlawn
1. Wyck Home Farm selling beautiful, chemical free produce. Katie will also have a tomato tasting and a station set-up for seed saving.
2. The Philadelphia Backyard Chickens
3. Instar Apiaries and Dawn Reid: Selling RAW local Germantown Honey and other natural, homemade products .
4. Shady Apple Goats
5. LSDrew Graphics, uniquely designed printed tees and scarves
6. Weavers Way Coop
7. Primex Garden Center
8. Temple University School of Environmental Design
9. Philadelphia Beekeepers Guild
10. Urban Aquaponics Farming, a new, year round farming model. Stop by to learn more!
11. Door to Door Organics
12. Fifth of a Farm Creations
13. SHARE Community Programs
14. MANNA (Metropolitan Area Neighborhood Nutrition Alliance)
15. Philadelphia Orchard Project (P.O.P.)
16. Megan Haupt vending reclaimed, recycled, reused Kitcheny items!
17. Wyck Roses with our Horticulturaliist Denise Forrest, sampling edible rose items and vending historic Wyck Roses from the garden.


Ongoing: Kerry Ann McLean will demonstrate simple fencing and staking using locally harvested withies to highlight the charm and ease of such structures and the appropriateness to Germantown, an area steeped in history.

3pm: Weather Dependent* Farmer Katie will show you the historic equipment she uses to manually till the soil. She will explain the when and why to soil tilling and then show you how!

We can’t wait to see you behind the fence! Festivals at Wyck are free and open to the public. We always welcome donations in order to continue to offer free community programming in Historic Germantown!

Thanks to our 2014 Sponsors!
sponsors for web

Behind the Fence: Community and History Festival

Behind the Fence festivals: History and Community | Saturday, July 12, 2014 | 12-4PMIMG_1149

The Behind theFence festivals invite the community to experience the best of Wyck’s programming in History, Gardening, and Farming. Join us to explote our 300+ year old house and landscape and learn how history intersects everyday life in our 21st century community. Energize your senses and feed your soul w ith music, demos, food, local vendors, tours, and children’s activities. Gather with us behind the fence to learn and do something new.

July 12 | History and Community
Nine generations of one Philadelphia family lived at Wyck from 1690-1973. With over 10,000 objects and 100,000+ papers, the house and suite are full of stories and history that shaped Philadelphia.


July Festival Line-up

Weavers Way Coop, Primex Garden Center, Door-to-Door Organics, Temple University School of Environmental Design, Philadelphia Beekeepers Guild

Wyck Refreshment Table (Rose Infused Iced tea and lemon infused water, sorrel from Geechee Girl Cafe)

Music under the Grape Arbor
Jim Hamilton and Rittenhousesoundworks

House Tours: wandering tours
Rose Garden Tours


Talks: Under the tent in the garden
1:30pm Matthew Halley: Ornithology- Audubon and Reuben Haines

Children’s Program: Picnic tables in Woodlot

Marketplace: Southlawn
1. Wyck Home Farm: Katie
3. Instar Apiaries & Dawn Reid: Rose body butter balm and a variety of natural products
4. Shady Apple Goats: rose and gardeners goat milk soaps and reclaimed bird houses
4. Wyck Sampling Table
5. LSDrew Graphics
6. Weavers Way Coop
7. Primex Garden Center
8. Temple University School of Environmental Design
9. Philadelphia Beekeepers Guild
10. Historic RittenhouseTown
11. Historic Germantown
12. Marlis Kraft: Antique saw and puzzles
13. SHARE Community Programs

Thanks to our 2014 Sponsors!

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Wyckedly Fun Summer Camp: 3 Themed Weeks!

In  three uniquely themed weeks, campers will explore Native American, Colonial, and Farm life of children throughout history by building, crafting, cooking, planting, and harvesting on-site. Each week offers a special field trip!

August 4-8 | Native American life
August 11-15 | Colonial Detectives
August 18-22 | Harvesting History

Members | $200 per child | 1-week
Members | $600 per child | 3-week season

Non-members | $230 per child | 1-week
Non-members | $690 per child | 3-week season

For more information on scholarships or to register, please contact Christina Moresi, Wyck’s Educator, at cmoresi@wyck.org or 215-848-1690.

Purchase a $75 family membership when you register to receive member pricing!

Summer Seedlings Camp

Summer Seedlings | 9am-12pm | ages 4-6 | June 9 – August 1
Wyck’s summer camp for children ages 4-6 provides daily morning activities that utilize Wyck’s uniquely historical and natural environment. Our home farm, woodlot, and rose garden provide three distinct habitats for a variety of living things, including our chickens, butterflies, and honey bees! Children will use their five senses to explore and connect with the smallest of bugs to the tallest of trees. Activities include art, gardening, storytelling, exploration, and more!

Contact Wyck’s educator, Christina Moresi at cmoresi@wyck.org wih more questions or to register.

Register here

Friday Farmers Market

Visit the Wyck Farmers Market every Friday from 2-6pm for beautiful, chemical-free produce grown on site. Much of the produce is harvested the day of the market and walked to Germantown Avenue to sell. The Wyck farm is sustainably farmed using historic agricultural methods. Visit the market weekly to try unusual or heirloom varieties of produce and visit with community members to swap a recipe or wander the site to the see where your food is grown. The Wyck house, garden, and farm is open during the market for free, self guided tours around the property.

In November the market will run 2-5pm.

The farmers market is produced in partnership with The Food Trust. We accept EBT, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), Farmers Market Nutrition Program (FMNP federally funded vouchers), and Philly Food Bucks (a joint program of The Food Trust and the Philadelphia Department of Public Health.)

LOGO_The Food Trust