Ornithologist Matt Halley

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June 19, 2017 –

Matthew Halley
Matthew Halley in the G-Town Radio Studio (photo by Jill Saull)

“Ornithologist Matt Halley is Ed’s guest today.  From natural selection to Audubon, species diversity to urban birding to the belief of something in spite of the facts, Matt and Ed’s conversation is rich. Matt is the guest speaker at the the Wyck Summer Speaker 2017: Audubon and Wyck: The Dawn of American Science on Wednesday, June 21, 2017.”

Listen to the entire interview here:  https://www.mixcloud.com/MorningFeed/morning-feed-ornithologist-matt-halley/

Matthew Halley is an ornithologist, historian, and Ph.D. candidate at Drexel University and the Academy. Matthew was resident caretaker of Wyck in 2010, and has been studying the Wyck collections for eight years. He recently published five lost letters of John James Audubon, including a copy of the lost American prospectus for The Birds of America. Matthew will present and discuss an array of primary sources from the Wyck collection, including many that have not been previously scrutinized by scholars, that present a fresh and intimate picture of the early American scientific community, and the historical Philadelphia in which they lived.