May Flowers…Just Around the Corner!

All of these April showers are surely giving the earth a much needed soak for all of the upcoming May blooms! Our spring bulbs are well underway for the cycling of their flowers…we’ve seen the hope in every early spring snowdrop, the passing of the daffodils, and the continuation of blooms through to the now blooming trout lilies and tulips.

Tulips sprinkle the perimeter beds of the rose garden, just inside the fence.
Tulips sprinkle the perimeter beds of the rose garden, just inside the fence.

As the weather continues to warm and the work progresses, the beds are rapidly being weeded and mulched and the roses are beginning to leaf out in anticipation of pushing forth their celebrated buds!

Pale yellow/white tulips dot the beds of 'Pink Leda.'
Pale yellow/white tulips dot the beds of ‘Pink Leda.’

On Monday, while Stephanie, our intern, and I were continuing the mulching, I took note of a subtle sweetness in the air mingling with the hearty, earthy scent of the mulch. I have been so consumed by getting the beds ready for our Rose and Garden Festival on May 17 and with preparing for our other programs, I almost totally missed the opening of the flowers on our lilac! Tucked in the corner of the rose garden just behind the fence is a lovely Syringa, which will soon be filling the air with its light, springtime scent.

Buds are opening on the lilac along the perimeter of the rose garden.

The bleeding hearts along the ha-ha wall are in bloom, and throughout the neighborhood the red buds light up the landscape with purple flowers while the forsythias complement the purple with their yellow cheerfulness. On many blocks we also find the dogwoods in bloom, from deep pink to yellowy-white, like the dogwood in our rose garden pictured below.

Showy bracts of our dogwood.
Showy bracts of our dogwood.

 We had another fun surprise this week on the grounds. Our beech had a branch that was growing crookedly, quite far down on the tree, interfering with the construction of our tent that we need to put up in preparation for a wedding happening on the Wyck grounds this Sunday. Arborists from American Arborist were kind enough to come out the same day to give us a quote and take out both the limb and other dead branches from our beech and a nearby cedar. The crew was fantastic… they were quick and efficient, as well as friendly and hilarious, and they even dumped their extra wood chips on our site to help us chip areas of our wood lot! Great folks there… I recommend them and look forward to forming a relationship with them to help us take care of our trees!

Mark up in the tree, with Eddie and Dave below.
Mark up in the tree, with Eddie and Dave below.
Mark walking out onto the branch... a veteran climber!
Mark walking out onto the branch… a veteran climber!

As I write this, rain is causing flooding on the streets of Philadelphia and pooling in our flower beds. I look forward to the rain slowing down so I can assess the beds tomorrow and get back to work. There is still much work to be done, and I am looking forward to doing it!