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September already!

Despite the oppressive heat, it actually is September and with September comes the return of cool weather crops, which are my personal favorite to grow. In particular, the beds of kale and

Wyck’s Fall Workshop Schedule

Begin your holiday gift-making and prepare for Pennsylvania’s blustery winter season! Wyck is offering classes in traditional food preparation, home medicine, and handmade goods just like the products that would

Flowers Galore

The more I farm, the more infatuated I become with growing flowers. Not only are they lovely in themselves, but they also have the wonderful added benefit of attracting a

The Garlic’s In!

This week, the first of the garlic was harvested, and just in time for a planting of fall carrots and beets to go into that same bed! It’s now hanging

The Big Bed Transition

Yesterday, weather forecasts initially called for up to three-quarters of an inch of rain throughout the day, but instead no precipitation showed up until after 7 in the evening! The

Spring Goes; Summer Comes

This week, an exciting surprise waited for me on Monday morning- the first of the cherry tomatoes were beginning to ripen! For me, like many people, tomatoes really mean that