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History in the Winter

February tends to be one of the slower winter months as the farmer at Wyck, which usually gives me an ideal opportunity to do some reading into the plethora of

Seeding the New Year

January truly is the start of the new year for the Home Farm. Although it is cold, gray, and lifeless outside, it’s now time to start envisioning the next season.

Rhymes & Calls

Is the rainy weather giving you cabin fever? Try a game! This copy of Games and Sports for Young Boys, published in London in 1859, provides its readers with hundreds of

Jack Frost

This week, we got our first frost of the fall on the Wyck Home Farm. Fortunately, it was a light one and only a few pepper plants were damaged. But

The Second Time Around

While some crops only get one go-round each year, others, particularly those that prefer cool weather, can be planted a second time as autumn rolls around. In the last few