Emily Lind Baker, Co-Chair

Historian and editor

James (Rocky) Query, Co-Chair

Principal financial adviser, Query & Associates

Samuel V. Rhoads, Vice Chair

(family descendant)
Executive Vice President, Philadelphia Industrial Development Corporation

Timothy D. Wood, Secretary

Historian and Consultant

Sandy Tilney, Treasurer

Private investor


Elizabeth Bitterman

Historic preservation specialist

Ingrid E. Bogel

Former Executive Director (retired), Conservation Center for Art and Historic Artifacts

Mary Ann Case

Non-profit administrator, University of Pennsylvania

John Rider Evans

Landscape Designer; Adjunct Professor, Philadelphia University

Robert M. Harting

Director on multiple corporate boards; Fundraising professional (Retired)

Catherine Almy Hineline

Former teacher, Germantown Friends School

Lucy Bell W. Jarka-Sellers

Illustrator; former teacher, Germantown Friends School

Charles T. Kimber, Ed.D.

(family descendant)
Mathematics faculty, Cheyney University and Delaware County Community College

Sandra Mackenzie Lloyd

Historian and museum programming consultant

Rhonda H. Nicholson, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Biology, Temple University

Jessica H. Senker, AIA

Principal, J&M Preservation Studio

Page Talbott

Historian and Principal, Talbott Exhibits and Planning