Winter’s work

With the snow pouring down outside, now is a great time for refreshing my knowledge about all things farming. One of my main sources of material for this is the information I compiled in the time I spent at Michigan State University’s Organic Farmer Training Program in 2012. After several years of working with local farmers in the Philadelphia region, I decided it was time for me to really beef up my knowledge of agriculture in a setting that offered both on-farm and academic-style learning. My time in Michigan was essential in forming the skills and knowledge-base that have enabled me to run the Wyck Home Farm for the last several years. If your passion is to farm, I highly recommend checking this program out!

I’m including some pictures below from my time in Michigan, including one of your’s truly (ie, me) sitting on a bucket picking snap peas. So, no, things haven’t changed that much!

DSCF3206 101_2802_MG_2094