Goings-on on the Farm

Every spring is different and invariably throws some sort of curve ball all it’s own! Last year, it was the unusually cool weather that made the start of the season

Into Summer Already?

With the end of this past winter seeming to drag on forever in freezing weather, snow, and sleet, it’s been a shocker to find ourselves in the hot, dry conditions

Onion snow

It looks like the worst of winter is behind us (fingers crossed!) and I’ve finally been able to get all the crops in the ground that were scheduled to be

Will winter ever end?

Although it’s already the beginning of March, the Home Farm still looks like a pretty forbidding place. Mostly covered in a layer of snow and ice, it’s hard to believe

I’m back on the farm after a successful Sunday at the annual Philly Farm & Food Fest. Thanks to everyone who came out to support us! Apart from this yearly

With rainy days followed by sunny ones with highs near 60, it feels like spring has finally sprung! And with it, the farm is truly getting going. I was finally able