The wonders of row cover!

Every year, I like to do some experimenting. I’ll try new crops and varieties, test different forms of soil preparation, and trial unique techniques I’ve heard or read about. Some

Spring at last (hopefully!)

In early April, I’m always nervous to feel like spring has finally sprung. Just when you’re getting used to warmer days and to nights above freezing, another depressing cold spell

(Slowly) Getting Going

After a storm last week that dropped surprisingly more snow than expected, I was starting to wonder if I would ever be able to get seeds in the ground. However,

The Second Time Around

While some crops only get one go-round each year, others, particularly those that prefer cool weather, can be planted a second time as autumn rolls around. In the last few

The Big Bed Transition

Yesterday, weather forecasts initially called for up to three-quarters of an inch of rain throughout the day, but instead no precipitation showed up until after 7 in the evening! The

Goings-on On the Farm

The week after Memorial Day is always exciting on the Home Farm because it marks the start of our market season. This Friday (May 30), we’ll be setting up our

Everything seems to be excited about the warming weather. The beets and peas have both begun to germinate after several cold weeks in the ground. And even the farm cats