Spring has sprung!

Today was another beautiful day in the gardens. The boxwood are hedged, beds edged, and we are about to start the heavy weeding and mulching that needs to be done before the Behind the Fence Rose Festival creeps up on us on May 17. It will be here before we know it!

This morning we had some visitors in the garden… Childspace Daycare brought a group and they were led by “Miss Chrissy,” our Youth Education Director, on a “Hunt for Spring” in the gardens. There is nothing better than watching a group of children running around attempting to identify plants and having fun outside in the gardens, right where they belong!

The hunt continues for daffodils, tulips, and irises.

As the day progressed, I did my rounds to see what was popping up here and there over the grounds, and the signs of spring were abundant. Wafting in the breeze, I caught the sweet spring scent of the hyacinths pictured below.










I cannot help but feel the excitement as the roses begin to stretch and open up all over the gardens. From along the fence line and adorning the trellises, to the beds that are just waking up, sprigs of green are beginning to ornament the once bare branches signalling the impending blooms.

New life springing forth from ‘Chloris.’

Continuing our survey, we find the blooms opening on the magnolia, reaching skyward with their deep pink centers and blush petals.


The final promise of spring is in the plump buds of the tulips sprinkled throughout the beds, just about ready to burst!


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