Rose Garden Perimeter Beds Complete!!

No picture can quite capture the difference that the Longwood Professional Outreach Project has made on Wyck’s gardens and the structure of the Wyck horticulture department, which, may I remind you, is a one lady show!

I will post plenty of pictures of the final product below, but there were deliverables that can not be explained in pictures. First and foremost, I have made connections that I believe will last throughout my career. The fellows operated with the utmost professionalism, but this project also gave me the opportunity to speak to them at length on a more personal level in one-on-one settings about their experience at Longwood, their previous careers, their hopes for the future, and their impressions of this project. A most enriching connection to others in the horticulture world, indeed.

Second, the fellows helped to design and order new plant labels for the roses. The labels will include the botanical nomenclature, rose class, and date of introduction into cultivation. Hello modern horticulture and educational ease!

Third, they have provided Wyck with an accession database for our living collection. In other words, a way for us to catalog our plants! I was going to start working on this anyway over the winter, so it is wonderful that they were able to provide this for us. They created the accession policy and even gave me a head start by accessioning all the historic roses. I am beyond thrilled about this and so grateful to them for all of their hard work.

Finally, of course, is the re-design of the perimeter beds that I have been talking about in previous blog posts and new garden signage. Pictures are below… enjoy!

Addie, Wyck House curator, getting some dirt under her nails on a workday!
May Peyronnin, Addie’s adorable companion, supervising workday activities.
New garden signs!
Kevin and Brian, fellows and signmakers!


View from parking lot entrance. Freshly mulched.
New bench with newly planted Lagerstroemia ‘Tonto.’
Hydrangea transplants with fresh mulch.
Walnut Lane bed.
Germantown Avenue bed.
New corner area for bees…all cleaned up!














Although it is difficult to tell from these photographs, there are new plugs planted all throughout the beds, new woody plants here and there, and an upcoming planting day will round everything off with the addition of spring bulbs. I can’t wait to see what next spring brings us with these thoughtfully and fabulously designed new beds! Be sure to visit Wyck next year to check it out with me!

Thank you Longwood Gardens Graduate Program Professional Outreach Project for helping to keep Wyck beautiful!