Oak Tea Caddy

This oak tea caddy with a bronze lock is a true treasure of the Wyck collection. Atop the lid is a metal plate that states, “Made from one of the old oak trees at Flushing L-I under which George Fox preached the gospel A.D. 1672. JBH.” Upon looking inside, a handwritten note explains, “Presented to Jane Bowne Haines (II) on her 17th birthday July 18, 1886 by her Aunt Jane Reuben Haines, the daughter of the original owner of this box, Jane Bowne Haines (I).” Owned by three generation of Wyck women, this remarkable piece is on display in our back parlor. For more information about George Fox in Flushing, check out this 1862 article from Harper’s New Monthly Magazine:  Harper’sNewMonthly.GeorgeFoxJBH box