Farmer’s Report September 30th


Arugula $2.50/bag
Butternut Squash $1.50/lb
Carrots $3.00/quart or $2.50/bunch
Cherry Tomatoes $3.50/pint
Collard Greens $2.50/bunch
Eggs (limited quantity) $3.00/half dozen
Eggplant $3.00/lb
Garlic $1.00/bulb
Green Beans $3.00/quart
Hot peppers $.50/each
Kale $2.50/bunch
Lettuce $2.00/head
Mustard Greens $2.50/bag
Summer Squash $1.50/lb
Sweet Peppers $4.00/lb
Tomatoes 3.50/lb

Herbs $1.50/bunch (may include basil, sage, oregano, thyme, lavender, mint, chives, etc.)
Raw Honey from the bees on the property $14 for a 12 oz. jar
Flower Bouquets – $5.00/small
new to market this week.


This time of year is one where farmers are thinking of transition. The preparation that we need to do for the winter is important and time is of the essence. What happens to the soil as it rests, retreats and reflects over the winter? I am putting down cover crop in parts where the crop has been done for the season. This has to be done while the conditions are still right for the cover crop seed to germinate and establish itself. The type of cover crop one chooses will not only cover the soil surface and keep the nutrients from eroding, but also help with decreasing weed pressure and put in nitrogen into the soil.
We are making sure that the crops that are still producing are kept healthy and going strong for the remainder of the season.
The work now shifts from one being focused on production to one of being focused on caring and restoring. We should draw a parallel from this work to that of taking care of ourselves. “All work and no play”…… we all know that one… I would add rest and restoration to that adage.

Stay well and eat better!

Your farmer,

A Little Something Else

Fall Song
By Mary Oliver

Another year gone, leaving everywhere
its rich spiced residues: vines, leaves,

the uneaten fruits crumbling damply
in the shadows, unmattering back

from the particular island
of this summer, this NOW, that now is nowhere

except underfoot, moldering
in that black subterranean castle

of unobservable mysteries – roots and sealed seeds
and the wanderings of water. This

I try to remember when time’s measure
painfully chafes, for instance when autumn

flares out at the last, boisterous and like us longing
to stay – how everything lives, shifting

from one bright vision to another, forever
in these momentary pastures.