Farmers Market September 2nd

Beets $3.00/quart
Butternut Squash $1.50/lb
Carrots $3.00/quart
Cherry Tomatoes $3.50/pint
Collard Greens $2.50/bunch
Eggs $3.00/half dozen
Eggplant (limited quantity) $3.00/lb
Garlic $1.00/bulb
Green Beans $3.00/quart
Lettuce $2.00/head
Leeks $1.00/each
Summer Squash $1.50/lb
Sweet Peppers $4.00/lb
Hot peppers $.50/each
Tomatoes 3.50/lb
Watermelon $5.00/each
Herbs $1.50/bunch (may include basil, sage, oregano, thyme, lavender, mint, chives, etc.)
Raw Honey from the bees on the property $14 for a 12 oz. jar
Flower Bouquets – $5.00/small

The food system is the medium through which we are most intimately connected to and dependent on the natural world. This gives us the opportunity to be mindful and practice humility towards the natural world. This week, I am trying to practice this sentiment with a lot of intention. Asking myself – what is my role, how am I playing this role, and what else can I do to be a responsible participant in this chain.

I hope that you are eating well!

your farmer,

A Little Something Else

Excerpt from The New Organic Grower By Eliot Coleman
Working with living creatures, bothplant and animal, is what makes agriculture different from any other production enterprise. Even though a product is produced, in farming the process is anything but industrial. It is biological. We are dealing with a vital, living system rather than an inert manufacturing process. The skills required to manage a biological system are similar to those of the conductor of an orchestra. The musicians are all very good at what they do individually. The role of the conductor is not to play each instrument, but rather to nurture the union of the disparate parts. The conductor coordinates each musician’s effort with those of all the others and combines themin a harmonious whole. Agriculture cannot be an industrial process any more than music can be. It must be understood differently from stamping this metal into that shape or mixing these chemicals and reagents to create that compound. The major workers – the soil microorganisms, the fungi, the mineral particles, the sun, the air, the water, are all parts of a system, and it is not just the employment of any one of them, but the coordination of the whole that achieves success.

First cherry tomatoes ripening
First cherry tomatoes ripening