Audubon…and Wyck?

Woodpecker, from Reuben Haines" Nature Journal
Woodpecker, from Reuben Haines” Nature Journal

It is no secret that Reuben Haines III was acquainted with John Audubon.  However, some of their correspondence was “lost” until recently.  Matthew R. Halley, an evolutionary biologist and doctoral researcher at the Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University, has transcribed and studied  five letters from John Audubon to Reuben Haines III of Wyck.  Housed in the Haverford College Library, these letters had never been published.

We recommend you read Matthew’s article about this correspondence:

The Heart of Audubon

Five unpublished letters (1825–1830) reveal the ornithologist’s dream and how he (almost) achieved it

by Matthew R. Halley

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Reuben Haines III with cane
Reuben Haines III